How Strategic Planning can Help Women Entrepreneurs

If you are new to an organization, you need to develop ideas to initiate the strategic planning process. A strategic planning process will create the goals, values and mission of the organization.

Creating a personal strategic plan of action is important before devising one for the organization. You need to understand what is important when to form a team and embark on the process. This however, does not mean creating an organizational plan before starting the sessions. You need to consider your own plan and begin with what you want.

Women entrepreneurs must be careful of three elements:

  • Mission and Vision Statements: A senior leader has a vision statement and she must be aware of the ways to articulate it. Similarly, you must also have idea about the mission of the organization. Even if this sounds simple, most of the leaders fail to consider the different aspects of a mission. After considering your own vision, you must take into consideration the vision of your team members.
  • Evaluate your Own Values: You must be sure of the values before engaging the team members. Personal values are highly essential. Not only is important stating the values, equally important is living by them. You must succinctly state your values and stick to them. This can be a great start for your team’s efforts.
  • Create a Set of Defined Personal Goals: The goals may be of the organization, but you must be aware of where you are heading personally. Once you are prepared with the goals, you can prepare others towards the goal.

You need to keep in mind that just as the plan of your organization is subject to changes with changing situations, you must also keep your plan flexible. The leadership team will create the plan of the organization. This approach of the team includes all aspects of an organization. Once the strategic plan has been completed by the team, you might need to modify the plan. No matter how well you devise a strategic plan, you must be ready to make changes in the plan. This will ensure self improvement and you might come up with a winning plan for your organization.

You must consider planning as an integral part of operation of business. Once detailed, the strategies will become definition of the work to be performed. It is very important to educate the team members about the strategic plan, since you will not want them to enter the team “cold”, without knowledge of the process. Educating them about the process will also generate enthusiasm among the members. You can create a strategic planning workshop to educate the team members and engage them in the whole procedure. Remain open to suggestions and involve your entire team while discussing a problem. You must not be resistant to changes.

These are some of the aspects women entrepreneurs must keep in mind while devising a strategic plan of action to help attain the organization goals.

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