Find your faith and start or grow

Last week was hectic for me as I had to prepare a speech and deliver to a small group of people, just over 20. I have spoken to bigger crowds but there is always a nervousness that comes when you know that you are going to have ‘all eyes on you’. Well, I survived and am looking forward to the next time I am the centre of attraction!

I thought I should share the highlights of what I shared with the group:

1. If you were suddenly incapacitated today, physically or mentally, would you still have income coming your way? Would you afford good health care for the next 6 months or just in one week all your savings will be gone?

2. Do you wait for pay day? Every month? Are you relying on someone to pay you?

Think about this and reflect on how many potentially money making ideas you have? Think of what is stopping you? And I know at the top of your list could be the issue of MONEY. Whatever the reason, just know it is all an excuse to keep you in your comfort zone.

So what after your reflection session?

1. It is a matter of choice how far you want to go (no matter your reasons/excuses of starting something). Success is directly proportionate to what you believe it to be!

2. To overcome procrastination (or rather, your excuses), you need FAITH. Faith in yourself and faith in your destiny.

Finding start up cash is easy, do you have faith to get up and start. Hebrews 11 v 1 says: Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see! Get FAITH and become the successful business person you desire.

Love & blessings,





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