Your heart can make you money!

Recently I had a conversation with some friends about work, life and money. The conversation revolved around how satisfied we all were with our stations in life but the line of argument was drawn right across the middle. Half of us were satisfied, while the other half were not. Reasons for either disposition ranged from strenuous activity, Jam packed schedules with no real time to rest, annoying co-workers/ bosses and poor remuneration OR flexible work environment, great remuneration and employee benefits.

It dawned on me that most of my peers who were not happy were in the “wrong” field or wrong organization where their creativity and zeal for work were not encouraged. It also became clear that many people go into business or a certain profession for the wrong reason. A career path should be exciting, challenging and interesting to you. It should never be about the bottom line or pay check every month.

Most of my friends have great skills or a potentially lucrative hobby, something that could earn them money while making them happy. Earning money doesn’t have to feel like your teeth are being pulled out, it can actually be a lot of fun. Imagine cooking or baking for the pure pleasure of it and getting paid, now that would be ideal! Or imagine moving to a new country where most people don’t speak English or your native language well. Instead of seeing it as an obstacle, rather take it as a challenge and teach them.

Most times, people regard hobbies as extravagant pass times, this isn’t always the case. Here are a few ways your hobby can bring money IN… instead of taking money OUT:

  • Consider teaching: Teach other people, even children how to do what you love or can do well. From the looks of things it is easier to teach younger children than adults as children have more time and the parents may want to keep the kids occupied after school and during holidays. Things you might be good at that can be offered include: cooking, baking, art, languages and music.
  • Sell your skill/ hobby: If you are in to something like making soap, sewing, knitting or designing; you can sell those products to friends and colleagues. Eventually after you see success you can brand and package it for a bigger market and earn more money.
  • Write about it: You can put together a small, concise document on “how to do” what you know how to do and sell it. You could also make a recording and sell it as an audio teaching guide.
  • Start a business: This last step you may have to do after you’ve tried any one of the above and seen the returns and potential for growth. You need to make sure you go about this in an organized and professional manner so people will take you seriously and so that you become successful.

These are just a few ways to earn money and be your own boss. As you go about this, do it with your all and aim high. It is such an amazing thing, being your own boss and being fully responsible for how much you bring in.

Please do not see this as encouragement to leave your current employ. Rather, see it as encouragement to earn from your passion, with a smile on your face. Eventually, when you feel that your hobby is earning you enough and can continue to sustain you, you may consider taking it up full time. Until then, learn and enjoy.

 All the best!

 Love and blessings,



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