Detox your Wallet

January as we know it is a month of starting strong, setting goals and resolutions, as well as managing the dreaded “Janu-worry” disease. It is also a month where many people go on fasts: Spiritual cleanses or Physical detoxes.

The practice of detoxing is one where you are required to fore-go certain items or luxuries for the benefit of one’s spirit or body. Detoxing is something that can be done in many other areas in one’s life, even in your business and finances.

As a woman, I am not experiencing the famous January financial challenges because of grace mixed with big time ‘sticking to the plan’ during the festive season.

What if there was a simple way to avoid being in a financial knot, would you follow it? A way for you to spend within your means and still have some left over for the bank. It might be a bit painful and difficult but the results are well worth it for your pocket and company coffers.

 I recently came across a “52 week money challenge” which together with this season of corporate fasting got me thinking of how fasting is very much like saving. The two operate on similar tenets. They both require sacrifice, discipline, commitment, dedication and set goals.

You can detox your wallet in a few, easy steps that won’t change your lifestyle too drastically but will do wonders for your balance sheet! I’ll talk you through a few easy borrowed steps you can start on TODAY!

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1. Cut the coffee run. If you really think about it, how essential is that cup of coffee on the go? Or daily lunch time Chips and Chicken? Or daily can of Soda?

2. Bulk up on purchases. When doing grocery shopping opt for the bulk purchases in wholesale shops instead of buying smaller quantities which cost more over time- the time to go shopping, the fuel used and the actual cost of the goods themselves.

3. Crawl before you leap. When it comes to saving it is oftentimes easier to save a little everyday (try $1 a day/$2) than one lump figure monthly ($50). Consider saving as little as a dollar to $5 daily if you can and see the wonders it’ll do for your bank account or as the stuffing in your mattress, whatever works for you!

Am sure you have many more money saving methods, let’s share! Saving money is not always an easy task, especially with everyday expenses creeping up to deter you from your goal. With much discipline and focus the rewards of staying consistent will show and do you and your pocket better than you had originally anticipated. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. So go ahead, your pocket will thank you for it.

Love and blessings,


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