Guarantee your success with lasting change!

This week I shared with friends 4 tips to lasting change referring to weight loss and skin care programs. The tips emanated from my own experience where I struggled with weight after giving birth to my second baby. After going round and round with weight and skin problems, I woke one day and started a new day and change began to happen. I lost a good 8kg’s over a reasonable period and my skin improved. There is just a time when enough is enough and deep down you know that nothing will stop you from achieving your goal.

Here are the things that helped me, apply this to your situation and share your successes with us.

1. Make a decision you want to change and believe it.

2. Be committed to do what you need to do but make it fun and enjoy it. If you know you are not consistent with doing certain tasks, find alternate solutions to get it done and achieve the daily tasks.

3. To ensure change be accountable to someone in the process. Someone who you respect and who is there to push you in the right direction is important.

4. Use technology where applicable. If you are feeling like technology and gadgets are for kids and fancy people, snap out of it now. Learn how your business can take advantage of technology and embrace it NOW.


5. Keep going no matter the circumstances. There is always an alternate to many issues. Seek assistance where you really feel stuck. There are many companies, and other women you can learn from. Focus on the great goal ahead.

6. Celebrate the small successes and reward yourself appropriately. It helps to motivate you to want to achieve.

Love and blessings


p/s I hope you have in place a marketing plan you created to guide you along. If it is still work in progress, you will enjoy a report on simple strategies to creating an excellent and useful marketing plan in a couple of days! Make sure you download it!

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