Looking for infinite resources & possibilities?

As a business person, you can open doors to infinite resources and possibilities by simply making decisions and taking action. Decide today that you are in control of your financial fate and no one can take that away from you unless you allow it!

Practice this:

1. If someone owes you money and it is way over due, make a decision now to pick up the phone and ask with authority that you would like your money today and ask what time you can pick it!

2. Create a savings account. I call it a ‘cushion’, for a planned low month. Just take 10% of every dollar you make and put in a separate account which you do not touch unnecessarily. Yes you can do it! Save for a real rainy low month…


3. Do not spend more than you earn! I mean it, you can afford to live within your means. Be in control.

4. Do not stay in bondage by being an accumulator! Why do you need 3 blenders in your kitchen? 4 cars in your garage? 20 pairs of shoes. You are in control of your financial fate- get rid of all things that you are not using. Sell off, or give away to those in need. Liberate yourself and be in control.

These tips are some of the exciting and practical lessons we discussed and resolved to do at the ladies breakfast this past Saturday. We had a hearty breakfast and a gift for every attendant, the ambience and décor was so good. The content of the presentation, was practical and helpful.

Keep reading for more tips and happy week!



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