Secrets to managing peak periods…

My previous article about ‘Opportunity to advertise BIG this festive season’ triggered interest in some entrepreneurs who want to advertise for the first time, whilst others want to go bigger. I really appreciate those coming on board on my website. I also want to remind each one of you, I am here to help you go up and be fulfilled in your business, no matter the size.
Today, I am going to talk about how you can manage your festive ‘peak’ period hustle and bustle so that you happily make the most of it. After you read this, go and ensure that the you have gone though the 6 tips I outlined in the ‘Opportunity to advertise BIG this festive season article, and put order in those areas.

1. When festive peak is over, what is your holiday plan? If you have not planned the cut off date when you stop work and how you plan to enjoy the effort and sweat you put into the year, STOP everything and do it. This Holiday plan is what will carry you to work hard in the last quarter, and go through it no matter how busy you get.
2. Define your business policies before you get busy. Simply put, things like: do you deliver to customers or not? If you hire out chairs and tents and do not deliver, do not start trying to do this when you are now in your busy time because your company had not prepared to do it. If you try, you start going out of your way and you are likely to lose other customers who want your attention in the process. I am not saying stop doing favours to customers, balance how you do it as it is your busy period.
3. If necessary, hire temporary workers to help you during the peak time. Temporary workers come in to help you and not to be front line. For instance if you run a restaurant, do not make a temporary worker the one who starts taking orders or solving customer issues. Keep them in the background and assist in the kitchen. pay them weekly wages and be clear that they are temporary.
4. Lastly, no matter how busy you get, maintain your product standard and service standards. Do not punish a customer who comes just before your annual closure with a poor service because you are tired! If you can’t stand the heat, rather apologize that you are unable to offer service because your hands are full. They will respect you and probably seek you earlier in the following year.



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