Opportunity to advertise BIG this festive season and cash in.

Sometimes as small business owners we fear venturing into advertising space due to the unknown. My experience is that, when you advertise to the right target market, with the right messages, you get the right response. However, before you put your message out there, be sure to have your house in order. Here is my check list for you:
1. Have the telephone and email ready to be answered.
2. Prepare all in-store consultants/administrators by training them about the product and likely questions customers may have.
3. Train people to help customers believe in your product or service and close the sale.
4. HAVE STOCK/PRODUCT READY. How I hate to be told, we ran out…I move to the next supplier if it is common product.
5. Offer superior service. One way or the other, be unique in the way you are going to service the customer. Be pleasant, have good packaging and just do something to get future repeat business.
6. Be expectant always. YES, expect the cash to come in so have your receipt books and multiple payment methods ready.

I have a pleasant offer to all women in business! End your year at another level as you partner with me this September. I am giving you the first opportunity to advertise your company or services on my online shop, gleefactor.com. The shop will be selling children’s entertainment services BUT purchased by their parents for them, just to bring joy and excitement.

If your target market is like mine- Parents from all walks of life who will do anything for their kids to be happy, then come on board. Think about this, where your product or service comes in: This service will attract adults who make decisions just about anything. So if you are into security systems, cake making, dress making, events, telecoms, beverages, satellite TV, furniture you name it- you will be on the right website when you partner with gleefactor.com!

Since this business is an online business, you will benefit from all the communication which refers people to the website. There will be a press release, social media, fliers and print advertising on launch. All you have to do is make sure you have crafted a small powerful advert with a clear call to ACTION and contact detail or link to your own website. The site is ideal for products and promotions which start in October 2013 through to January 2014.

The website will go live 1 September so all payment and advertising material is required by 25 August 2013. You are getting a special, so you pay only for 1 October 2013 to 31 January 2014. That is not all keep reading!
I hope you see this as an exciting opportunity for you. And as I said, you are being given the first offer before any other companies come on board. Special rates for advertising space are on offer, and just so once off for 2013 only.

To book your space, email now lavendar@gleefactor.com 
P/s: Every website has limited space, so only 9-12 companies are what will be taken until 31 January 2014. Email now!

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