Microfinance available for your business

Sometimes our businesses as women require small amounts of cash injections just to boost them due to various planned or unplanned circumstances. Today I am glad to inform you that as a woman in business you have access to microenterprise loans if you need a little cash. You can access a salary based or non salary based loan as low as $50 all the way up to $500 which can be paid back from one month up to 3 months.
I am no expert in loans, but I do seek advice from my business partner and also those who have expert knowledge on when to borrow and when not to.

So if you are keen to augment your income, pick up the phone and call 0772399457 or 0774730609.

My tip today is pick up a book and read how a loan can help you in the type of business you operate. I have learned that as a business avoid taking loans for consumption, it may lead you into deeper debt.

Have a fabulous week and email your opinions.


P/s 24 July is going to be our first meeting with ladies in business. Email melmudiwa@gmail.com for more details.


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