Are you keeping your history?

In business it is important to keep some information on how you are performing so that you can use it to improve the future. So end of June plan to do just a few notes on what your business has done and what you expect in the next 6. Just to help you, you can do a paragraph about your monthly revenue and how sales rate contributed to it, or if you are into events you mention the number of successful events you managed and how much they brought in. You can also do a paragraph of your costs and be clear to what is really making your costs go up and how you intent to minimize this in the future. Then lastly talk about your profitability and why it is where it is vs your target. Talk about anything that’s useful, staff, training you did, new equipment you purchased etc. Have fun doing this report.

I know the issue is to get you started on doing the report. To give you a tip, you can do your business accounts and commentary using the figures. I want each of you to do a report for half year and then your full year in December.  I cannot express here how two years from now as you shape your business this will be very important to help in your planning. 

I was in Atlanta museum last night and saw the rich history they preserved and then I made sense of the current situation and likely future. And I thought of you and how writing down your performance can push you to do better in each defined period.


Have a happy week, and please share this post with 5 new people as gratitude.



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