Are you struggling to introduce your product? Check this out

They are so many ways to launch/market your product, but if you don’t know how to- you will waste time and money! In this busy market, everyone is busy, so so busy there is no time for them to sit and listen to your sales pitch! As an entrepreneur, it is too costly to try and produce a television advert for $200k to break through the clutter….so you have to be smart in your approach and achieve the same results.

Your strategy should be to make sure that you identify the:

  • Right touch points- where you get full attention of your target market.
  • Right messages-if your marketing messages are not right, you attract the wrong people, and they will not buy because that is not what they want.
  • And the right amount of money- something that will help you get the attention of your customer- You need money to market your business.

Enjoy, and ASK questions….


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