Is your business newsworthy?

Hello entrepreneurs.

I hope and believe that business has started very well for you in quarter two and wanted to ask you to send me your quarter one newsworthy stories!

Imagine that you are getting a full page in a magazine or newspaper, which will circulate to thousands of people; investors, customers, potential customers, suppliers and buyers….the list goes on. What are the key things you will want to put in that space about your quarter one performance and what you are promising your audience for quarter two.

Don’t be too harsh on yourself though as quarter one is usually tough for many, BUT, it is no excuse.

My tip for this week is this:-

1. Don’t focus on what you missed in quarter 1. Remember you have quarter two targets, so plan to achieve them or surpass them to make up for at least one month in Q1.

2. If your plan or strategy is not working- or has not worked, and deep down your gut tells you, IT IS NOT WORKING-it is OK to review and tweak your plan and try new methods.

3. As you go forward this week, remember that all things are possible and that you CAN and WILL achieve your 2013 plans.

Enjoy your week, if you did not get in touch with all the people you exchanged business cards with in the past, please do so. You don’t want to meet them again and still do the same thing- hi, I remember you- here is my card!!!

Happy week.




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