Practice really makes cash!…A MUST read

Practice makes perfect, so does coaching, and training….

I was wondering what makes other people so successful in their lives and it hit me that they really do invest in time to perfect or achieve what they want. Models, Sportsmen, Speakers, Real business people, Professors just to mention a few. If you see something successful you like, take time to understand what has gone into its success. Most of the times it is what we hate to hear, that is; coaching, training, practicing! The hours, the sweat! So as entrepreneurs, have we invested time in training? Or even getting a mentor in our line of business? How many hours are we spending on sharpening ourselves, have we set aside a budget for it or we believe that we can do it alone?

Think about this- an idea from a coach can help you get ahead! An endorsement from a successful person can change your business. This very week, Pastor Benjamin Dube endorsed Thembalami and I know that Themba’s career and brand is going UP.

So entrepreneurs-if your business today is 5 figures, plan on getting coached to make it 6 figures, or 7 even! That’s our goal on this site. To help you achieve the figures you desire through deliberately investing in the growth of your business or brand.

Today’s tips:

Don’t feel guilty to charge your real price for your product as a woman or even as a Christian! God wants you to prosper.

Run your business professionally. Get help to set up systems that work for the customer and for you!

Get started on your growth plan for your brand- Do you truly have a plan. If I said show me, do you have it? Do not talk yourself out of this PLAN! Get help and pay for it!

If I have provoked any of you to take action today, please feedback. I enjoy chatting with most of you.


Happy week

p/s Most of you are also looking for FINANCING……keep your eyes on this site and hopefully I get you some ideas or resources on getting financing for your start ups!


2 responses

  1. Amanda Moyo | Reply


    I got an apology from my customer who said i was greedy for charging a price well below what it ought to be. I want to start on my business plan. Let you know when ready. Thanks for all your thought provoking questions.


    1. Thank you. Will wait to hear from you


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