Harness the power of WORD of MOUTH and cash in!

Generally people share information if they are happy about your service or product. Most of the time, it is obviously to just brag about themselves. To increase positive word of mouth, deliver and ask for feedback then ask the customer to refer their friends and family to your business. This week I enjoyed a special where I paid for a facial, but got a complimentary pedicure and back massage. I never go for facials, but I wanted the pedicure, so I went to try the place. I had a fantastic time, and so am sending my mother and have referred a few people. So they will be cashing and hopefully retaining the customers.

On the flip side is negative word of mouth which is equally powerful. It is said that word of mouth is faster when a customer is not satisfied. I spread my experience most of the time when I get a ‘raw’ deal and most of my disappointments come from hair dressers. First day I am the queen and the environment is great, next time I am a commoner and moved around from chair to chair to accommodate the new queen. Greeeee! Anyway, I just learn a lesson and move on to the next till I find a ‘better’ place.

So today’s simple tips:

  • Be consistent in how you treat your customers no matter if you become ‘friends’.
  • Design systems and make policies in your small business. Tell your consultants/sales team, the policy here is that we GREET everyone who walks in with a smile, even if they are not going to buy.
  • Communicate, communicate and COMMUNICATE. Never assume that your staff will use common sense! It is costing you. Have a daily briefing or weekly briefing of different things on your heart as the owner. If the shop is dirty by lunch time, its common sense that it should be cleaned but…..its not happening so repeat the POLICY….the store should be clean at all times and get someone to work on it!
  • Systems and policies help your brand to grow.

So what are the systems and policies you have set?

How many times do you repeat these to yourself and staff?

Are you getting positive word of mouth advertising from these policies?


Happy week to you!


5 responses

  1. gladys shumbambiri | Reply

    Very true indeed.Thank u for the valuable information


    1. You are welcome Gladys.



  2. Powerful tips. Keep the good work


  3. WOW, such wisdom at my door step.
    a little step for a man (as it comes naturally to you) yet a giant leap for several businesses. Keep up the amazing culture of service to businesses that you are doing. may you kindly assist me to get an excellent web-designer for our company pastor.


    1. Thank you for reading through. I hope you are gaining valuable insights for your business.

      For great web designing I recommend 0772222284.

      God bless


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