Demand results now

Don’t keep going round and round in your business especially if you are investing in your brand. We are starting the last month of the quarter and my tip today is straight forward….demand results now from your various activities. Design your activities so that they achieve results you desire.

1. Are you generating enough sales from your brand? Profitability!!
2. Are customers willing to pay your price for the value your brand/product is giving them?
3. Is your brand perceived at the level you desire?

If there is NO on any of the above…..make sure by end of March you have it right as this will determine how you roll in quarter 2 to the end of the year. Do not give up, you have 3 good days to review and prepare an action plan for March with quick wins!!

All the best and do keep sending your comments. I do not share them with others but respond directly to you so feel free!


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