Let your brand carry sunshine everywhere!

I had a hectic weekend but blissful. Not much sunshine outside (was raining and cloudy most of the time). I also had a couple of friends to visit in the hospitals….but in all this, I can truly say my weekend was full of sunshine. I cherish the fellowship I had on Friday night with a few ladies at a friend’s house, I enjoyed brainstorming a marketing plan on Saturday morning for a ladies conference to be held in November, and later in the day, I enjoyed hosting a surprise baby welcome at my house for a friend. I will not go into my Sunday, but end here. Choose to enjoy what you have around you, in your family, business, ministry or whatever your situation.

You may be wondering why your brand is not doing well in all aspects and you are probably feeling the pain as we exit January. Do not comfort yourself by saying, ‘its January disease’ like most people I hear. Unless you truly have a seasonal brand, (which you should have planned for by the way) you should not be in the suffering boat! Let the power of your brand weather the storm, money is exchanging hands whilst you are spectating and waiting for a better month! Ask yourself : why your competitor seems to be having it all? Why when your price is competitive, your customers just do not want to pay…. What is the problem?

Well today my answer is I DON”T KNOW. I do not know what your business is offering to the customer, and I have no idea what your competitors are up to! However REFLECT on this today:

1. What is really differentiating your product from your competitors?

2. Are you adding value to your core product? (rather than always discounting and reducing your price)

3. Is your BRAND representing you very well to every possible & current customer?

Surely this very year, your brand can enter into the land of Milk & Honey, provided you carry your own COWS and BEES. Antony D’Angelo also says, ‘Wherever you go, no matter the weather, you always bring your own sunshine’. So its all up to you to have a successful brand.

So next year this very time, I believe your BRAND will weather the January storm much better than it did this year! Plan ahead, create and grow a strong brand for your business, you can! Start today.

Happy week


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