Are you procrastinating already!!

Well if you are procrastinating already, you are not alone. I have done that already especially on the issue of resuming my morning walk. I just wake up wrong time even when I set my alarm, I just switch it off. You can guess why I am writing about this; I have stopped to review already where I am with my January plans and catching every item that wants to slip away. Am looking at the reasons why I have not done it, looking at what I can change to ensure I do what I need to. Remember in life you only enjoy doing something if you need to, and if you know the end benefit. If you feel you HAVE to do something, re look at it. You can choose to discard it, or think again and have a real reason why you need to do it. I do not have to walk in the morning, I love the morning fresh breeze, the trees and birds. I think about how amazing God is when I do that 5.30am walk. Gives me a reason be grateful. So when I can’t wake up because I slept late, couching and starring at TV which hurts my eyes, I really get upset! So have decided to change, sleep on time, and get up for my walk! Will post pictures of these walks to inspire you to get on with your 2013 goals and for you to just STOP procrastinating.


Today’s tips:

1. People buy from you because they know, like and trust you. So focus on creating good relationships with people before you introduce your business to them. RELATIONSHIPS are important.

2. Building your personal brand or business brand is a journey. Be patient with yourself, one day at a time, do what you need to do and by 12 months, you will look back at your investment and realize it was worth it!

Happy week





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