Are you generating cash according to your mood? Think again today.

Monday is normally my best day of the week because it provides me with a fresh new start in the week. I plan, have meetings and look forward to Friday when I would have achieved my goals for the week. However this week was different, I had a bad day at home, a Monday. I was hoping to move house, but did not. So with boxes all over the house, I failed to focus the rest of my day. As an upcoming entrepreneur, I totally failed to separate my bad day from the productivity required in my business. Time waits for no man. I could not even write you the personal branding tips I wanted to. This bad day experience made me think again, “What if I am disrupted for two weeks, does this mean no business happens or if I would fall sick today, will this end income flowing to me? I was truly terrified and started to think over my business processes and my brand. So today’s tips are influenced by this experience.
1. Set up simple systems which allow you to make money in your absence. With technology, this has been made so easy. They are many alternatives so you can pick one and develop it. For instance you can set up an online store and people pay for your services or products online.
2. Have an assistant or manager who knows how to run the business in your absence. Learn to trust! Yes, for your business to grow, one way or the other, someone will have to hold the reigns for you whilst you focus on other things.
3. Have multiple streams of income, business and personal streams. If you are like me, I want to make millions in my life time. If I focus on consulting alone it means per day I need revenue of 2800, including weekends and holidays. So to make the possibilities practical, I need to ensure I have at least 3 or more business I start and they are fully functional without me.
Ladies, we can do it! Look at the current entrepreneurs right now. They trust others to run their companies; they are buying companies and selling, and starting up new lines. Some of them can afford to retire and sit whilst money works for them, but NO, they are on their toes innovating left right and centre. Review where you are and the direction you want to take in 2013. Incorporate the above tips where possible and be on the road to wealth creation.

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Happy Holidays



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