Turn your passion to CASH in 2013

You do not have to wait for people to come to you to buy your product. You can help them discover that they need your product in their life. So in 2013, do not just sit with your idea or passion, turn it into cash, exert your energy and get value back. I love business coaching, brand planning, strategy planning and organizing. In 2012 I realized that people are willing to pay for help from me in the above areas. If you have passion in cooking, decor, organizing events, balancing accounts, playing with children, photography, I can guarantee that you can choose to make money and it will come through that passion.

Remember, to get millions, be an entrepreneur. It is rare to get your first million from running one business alone.

You can do it


3 responses

  1. Netsai Mukava | Reply

    Great advice.would want to learn more on branding


    1. Netsai

      Will be sending a lot of branding information on the site.

      Happy reading


    2. Netsai,

      Keep following the site and you will learn a lot on branding. However, if you require personal coaching, you can drop an email to melmudiwa@gmail.com and someone will contact you.

      Am glad you are reading!



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