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Motivated by the Word: Galatians 6:9

Know your strengths and employ them diligently. Know your weaknesses and address them effectively.

Have you ever observed people who achieve multiple tasks at one go and you marvel and wonder how they really managed to achieve so much? Then you have others who also achieve so much more but completing one task at a time and again you still get surprised how they achieved so much in their life when it seems the odds are against them.
Well, learning from my experience in leading people, multitasking can either be your downfall or your strength. The critical issue is ensuring that whatever task that you undertake you do it efficiently in that moment of time. To achieve quality in the way you manage your tasks, I recommend that you take up leadership responsibilities in your community. This just helps you to learn how to apply order and a system that gets you tangible results through practice and repetition.
You could probably be someone who has several projects running and getting frustrated that nothing is giving you meaningful results, you need to reflect on whether you are truly giving each project quality time and doing the tasks diligently. If you are running one project because that is your passion but again no meaningful results, check again, do you have the right blue print you are following? If you are following the blue print diligently, maybe you need to throw in creativity and modify it to achieve results you need.
To your success,

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Motivated by the Word : Proverbs 13:4

Challenge yourself and exceed your own expectations

Some of you may be aware that I am back full time to my favourite hobby, gardening. It has taken time and hard work but progress is being made as my family and I are eating more and more vegetables from our backyard garden. Previously, like five years ago, I had taken my hobby a notch higher by setting up a green house that ended up supplying tomatoes in top retail outlets until I had to move out as I was staying at a rented place.
I am sharing about a hobby that benefits me and my family and I know with time, my community. It is never an easy task for me but something that challenges me as plants need time and care. With a busy schedule that I run, this seems almost impossible to think of. Just missing one day of watering or weeding may result in devastating effects on my garden because plants respond quickly and can wilt, rot, or be attacked by pests efforts go to waste.
So whether it is a hobby or a business, it is important to make sure you understand what you are up against and have a solid plan so that you outwit possible hurdles and increase your chances of success. Success rarely comes by when sitting back and hoping things will fall into place. So this winter I have given myself a challenge, to grow open ground tomato plants. My strategy to cheat is put plants indoor by night and outdoor by day until they are strong enough to be transplanted. I don’t know if it will work or not, but my aim is to have tomatoes in 90 days. I am excited and looking forward to sharing my results with you.
To your success

Your attitude affects your outcome

Lately in my various communities like church, work and even social groups the topic of purpose has been brought up so much that I am at a point of really reflecting on my purpose and cross checking if I am in the right tracks. What I am excited about is that I will be speaking on purpose in a couple of events that I have been invited to. Finding ones purpose in life is something we all strive to achieve but due to life pressures at times we get distracted. Thus distraction can even be self inflicted like just having negative attitude towards life.

A positive attitude in anything is likely to produce positive results. Next time notice how well you can perform a task with a positive mindset, how time seems to go by so fast when you are doing something you truly enjoy. Then there are times where a minute feels like an hour because you wish you weren’t there or not enduring a situation. You may even spend hours enduring but you fail to complete a significant portion of the task or the quality of your effort ends up being sub standard.
It is therefore important to check your attitude as you pursue your current purpose. No one can force purpose upon you, but your speed towards achieving your destiny lies in your attitude.

To your success Mel

The Power of Positive Responses

I was on a radio show on Sunday night, Capitalk 100.4fm hosted by #Sokostina. It was my first time and totally excited to be able to inspire thousands of people listening in at the same time. I also managed to learn from a caller who challenged me not to side line my ability to write books. I will never forget him, #Moyo from #Bindura. Of interest was a couple of people who wanted to know how to move to the next stage of their lives, from being hopeless to success or getting back their self esteem. My answer to that is the same. If you want to move on, use the power of your mind correctly. Feed on affirmation and positivity.

If I asked you to be honest about your Monday morning ritual, would you tell me the truth? Do you wake up dreading the hustle and bustle of the new week? Does your heart sink, and a rush of negative thoughts flow in. Truth is you can use your mind to create the right energy. Negative thoughts create negative energy and closes you up from seeing opportunities. So no matter your yesterday, each new day becomes a chance to rewire yourself to be who you want to be. Use your time to push your thoughts in a positive direction.That extra time you have whilst going to work you can pray or meditate on one or two affirmations. Another method is to find joy in the moments of life and truly enjoy them. I was privileged to attend #Toastmasters conference #Icon2018 in Cape Town early May. It was a time I decided to maximise and totally be in the moment to refresh and have good fun. I fed my mind every morning by taking a walk along the beach and speaking out loud to myself. I danced and sang too on one of the evenings with friends. There was so much peace in the air and at that moment I fed myself with positive affirmations. It’s simple but very powerful. No matter what anyone says, you can feed truth to your mind and believe it. The only challenge is that our eyes and ears believe what they see and hear easily and generally negativity so easy to stick easily in our minds. Imagine driving on straight road and another driver cuts dangerously in front of you. That moment’s reaction if not well managed can make your whole day be totally full of bleeps and blunders. So next time, watch how you respond to situations and quickly turn all negative talk or thoughts into positive. That way, you glide in peace and towards your life goals.

Have a fabulous start to a great week.

To your success.

Don’t hold back on your Dreams

I attended a mother’s day tea hosted by Platinum Steward bank this past weekend. One of the speakers asked us to write down what we used to dream of becoming when we were between 16 to 21 years of age. It was very interesting to note how others dreamt of being doctors and are indeed doctors, others wanted to be air hostesses but later became bankers. The theme of the event was “When I grow up”. I really enjoyed the two hours because it gave me a moment to stop and reflect about my audacious dream and whether I am still believing in it. I smiled and told myself that I am still growing!

If I gave you a chance to dream one more time now, what would you dream of for yourself in five years or ten years from now?
How many times have you stopped yourself from daring or challenging your mind to stretch or dream big. You probably limit your own imagination incase when someone asks you to share it will be in the normal or averange range. Something that is “reasonable”. You are afraid of what people will think or say if you tell them your dream.

The truth is that it does not hurt to dream. Don’t fear planning big or dreaming wild. Imagine living your dream… am sure the benefits are fulfilling. So if you have a “crazy” business idea you once believed in, why not dream again? Dreams are a way of your subconscious showing you your own potential. Get out of your comfort zone and do things you think you don’t have the courage to do. Pursuing your dream gives you a natural drive, purpose and zeal for life.
Remember…If you can dream it, you can achieve it.

To your success


Psalm 86:5

Leadership Diaries #Modern Planning

One key element of management is planning but in this day and age you have to do what I call modern planning. This is an essential skill for all leaders. So whilst you plan for everything and anything, for this post I will refer to planning important goals with your team.

I believe in team work and I believe real leaders achieve much more through teamwork than individual effort. So if you have one or more people in your team, I am talking to you.
It is important to be clear about your goals so that those who you are leading follow you. Where you are the one casting a vision, it is important that you cast it in a way that is motivational, persuasive and beneficial to your followers. Remember that people follow those they believe in. Even where people are volunteers or getting paid by you as the leader, you still need to ensure the above and get buy in. Once the vision is cast, it is important to allow suggestions on how to achieve the goals from your followers. Due to #diversity, you will be surprised by ideas you can glean from your followers. You might actually get ideas you never expected and merge them with your own or give direction in such a way that your followers believe they have significantly contributed to the plan. Achieving the balance of team contribution means that they take ownership of the plan and are willing to take responsibility. As a leader, you want to ensure influence and achieve your goals through people.

Modern planning then goes to the next level, the use of technology for monitoring and tracking. This means that as the leader you can have a dashboard of your goals and daily or weekly activities which you and the team follow to ensure progress. A dashboard also allows your followers to lead themselves than to rely on you to track their progress. I am of the strong opinion that most followers want success and to impress their leadership so they are likely to push themselves towards achieving success.

What happens if your followers are constantly not achieving anything? Keep following the leadership diaries. I started sharing on leadership after a trigger I got whilst taking a trip to CapeTown first week of May. I asked myself a question why I am able to follow certain leadership and why I am able to lead some followers. I started comparing and started a mental difficult discussions and the answers were displayed in front of me out right. I started looking back into history and also in the bible. I am so clear that true leadership is a key that unlocks progress in every facet of life, family or business. Keep following.

To your success


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